ANTEKK® Overunity Generator Developers
ANTEKK® Overunity Generator Developers
Goshi Anunnaki

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ANomalous TEKKnology Overunity Generator Developers Network. Get Building. Make Money. 🇺🇸

About Me

ANTEKK Founder George Molson explains to the world how to make a working Overunity Generator. The critical principle is magnetism can be copied (K=2). If you take a coil of wire and wrap it around an iron bar the magnet is up to twice as strong compared to an air core.

Join US - We put out TEKK

Find out how to make money manufacturing and reselling the critical component of an ANTEKK Overunity Generator. Accepts AC in from a signal generator to flip the magnetic polarity of an iron U bar twice per wave. Uses two Nikola Tesla US Patent Expired #512-340 bifilar coil to turn one unit of magnetism into two and two outer collection coils to collect the amplified output. Sell it at your favourite online auction site to get making money now. Special Incentives for early adopters.

KK Thanks Y'ALL

ANTEKK thanks the Biden administration for completing the Trump 180 decree ending the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951's application to Overunity Technology. It's now safe to get building. See for details.